About ME

I am here to remind You how beautiful You are”

Paintings Since 1995    

…and here’s my Mission

It is my mission to capture these pure magical moments that remind you of your own strength. 

By painting these moments, I transform them into great memories. The energy gets visible and reminds you of living your own truth.

In a time full of distractions it gets more important to find inner peace.

I am here to remind You how beautiful You are!

This is Me…

I am always eager to grow and to find solutions. As a painter I train myself constantly to see things as they are, not different. I don’t give names to what I see, nor do I judge.

I observe, I listen, I try to understand everything and everyone at the deepest level.

To see things as they are means being able to change them, make conscious decisions, make choices and move forward. This applies to myself, to coaching, being a mother, artist and teacher. 


The Artist

Obviously painting is my passion. I studied Classical painting in Cologne & Amsterdam where I graduated in 2016 under the supervision of Sam Drukker.

Creating Art is my way to meditate and to connect to my beautiful inner soul.


The Coach

As a certified life coach, I help people overcome obstacles and reach their goals. I enjoy bringing their Life’s to the next level, especially in their art.  



The Teacher

I just love to inspire other artists or those who like to become one. There is nothing better than to see them grow. In my Atelier in Haarlem/ Holland, I give painting lessons.


The Mother

I am a proud and loving mother of two amazing kids. A wonderful boy of 13y and a younger amazing girl of 8y.

I paint them regularly and capture some of the loveliest moments I was honored to share with them 🙂


2005 – 2006 FAK (freie Akademie Köln) – Freie Art

2009 – 2014 Wackers Academy, Amsterdam Drawing & Painting

Graduated under the supervision of Sam Drukker

2011 – 2014

Masterclass I & II – Sam Drukker

Masterclass The Child Portrait – Irma Braat

Hands and Feet – Maarten Welbergen

Portrait – Marten Welbergen

Membership of other professional or artists’ associations

VG Bild Kunst

KZOD Haarlem

Kunstlijn Haarlem


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